Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Losing Skid Continues: Could The Unthinkable Happen?

Could MacTavish possibly be fired? The Oilers have now dropped a dozen games consecutively and have looked awful in doing so most nights. Things don't show any signs of improvement after a woeful 5-1 loss vs Colorado on fan (un)appreciation night. (The good news: this helps Colorado in their attempt to hunt down Calgary for the final playoff spot. The "C" does stand for "Choke" afterall, so here's hoping that tradition continues.) It is painfully clear that the Oilers have quit on MacT; essentially they did last year. The only problem was that Vancouver quit on former coach Marc Crawford just a little bit more and edged the Oilers out for ninth spot. While this allowed for a miracle run to the finals, it also earned MacT a big contract when he was one game away from either resigning or being shown the door. When even the young guys, allegedly playing for jobs next year, are unmotivated you know there's a problem. If MacT is kept around, you can kiss goodbye to any chances of signing a big name offensive free-agent in the summer. Why would Daniel Briere want to come to Edmonton where he would be told to forget about scoring and focus on defense? It's to the point where one has to think that MacT would rather see the team lose 1-0 than win 6-5. The five mistakes made in the winning scenario would be too much for him to handle. The single mistake in the losing scenario would be much easier for him to handle.

Oilers Get Farm Team (Finally)

After two season's of ruining the development of their prospects, the Oilers have finally got their act together and gotten a farm team. The team will be based out of Springfield, Mass., a town with a rich minor league tradition. Don Cherry spent several years of his career in Springfield, and the team was owned and managed by Eddie Shore, infamous for his unorthodox training methods, and sometimes Stalin-esque treatment of his players.

Goaltenders Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers and Devan Dubnyk will benefit from this, since it will ensure them regular playing time. Players like Rob Schremp, Kyle Brodziak, and Tom Gilbert, plus potential college graduates like Andrew Cogliano and Taylor Chorney should also benefit since they won't have to compete with players from other organizations for first line minutes.

On a lighter note, since the team is now in Springfield the bad jokes can begin: Who will be the coach: Apu or Chief Wiggum? Will Calgary move their farm team to Shelbyville? Will Bart Simpson be our starting center? Stay tuned...

Hockey's Future Top 20 Oiler Prospects by Guy Flaming:

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